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Delicious and simple beetroot risotto

It’s been a while since we have eaten beetroots and that while they are so healthy. That is why today I make a wonderfully colorful beetroot risotto. A nutritious and healthy single-pan dish. I really like one-pan dishes because they have the big advantage that everything can be put in a pan and that you […]

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Broccoli chicken casserole

I love casseroles myself, besides that it is very tasty and nutritious, it’s really¬† ideal to prepare earlier. Very handy if you get out of work late and want to put a healthy meal on the table quickly. My children love broccoli, so we offten eat this broccoli casserole with chicken. During the day I […]

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Pumpkin soup that children enjoy

On busy weekdays I am always looking for easy, healthy and above all nutritious recipes. I find well-filled soups ideal. You can prepare them well the night before, so that everyone can quickly sit down while eating or one of the children can warm up some soup before exercise. The pumpkin soup is a tasty […]


Nutrients that influence your concentration

A child needs certain nutrients for a good brain development. Did you know that sufficient proteins can improve learning performance and that water is necessary to stay alert. Vitamin B-6, B-12, omega 3, folic acid and L-theanine are especially important for brain metabolism. Deficiencies in these vitamins can have a negative impact on your memory […]

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Parsnipchips from the oven

I admit, chips are eaten here at home. Especially on weekends, watch a movie with a bucket of chips. There is nothing wrong with that in its time, but it would be nice if there is sometimes some enthusiasm about a healthier snack. The boys find raw vegetables or dried fruit less tasty, which is […]


Smart food for better concentration in children

It’s for my children not always easy to concentrate all day at school. They are easily distracted when something turns in the classroom. Or they find what a neighbor is doing just more interesting than what the teacher is telling. To help them, I pay close attention to their diet. Well they really don’t follow […]

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A good intake of vitamins and minerals contributes to better learning performance of children. Vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals. That is why it is important to encourage a child to eat enough vegetables every day. Because of the great benefits of spinach, it is advisable to eat spinach regularly. Spinach can be eaten raw […]

Spaghetti with salmon
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Spaghetti with spinach avocado sauce

A quick pasta with a healthy green sauce. This Spaghetti with spinach avocado sauce we eat regularly here at home. It is quick and easy to make and is packed with good vitamins and minerals. And another good thing is, there are no little pieces of vegetables in it that the children can go fishing […]

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Broccoli is a popular vegetable in many households, and for good reason. Broccoli is tasty, very healthy and versatile. It is really at the top of the list of super vegetables and should certainly always be on the menu once a week. Broccoli is a family of cauliflowers and looks a lot like this. But […]

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Spinach pancakes

A little strange but tasty” are spinach pancakes. They are green and may therefore look a little less attractive. But they are full of good nutrients, extra fiber, vitamins and minerals. Spinach pancakes are perfect for a savory breakfast or lunch. What do you need for spinach pancakes? Of course you need a frying pan, […]