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8 tips to teach children to live healthy

As a parent you are the most important coaches for children to teach them a healthy lifestyle. Teaching children a healthy lifestyle is not always without a struggle. 8 tips to teach children to eat healthily and stay active.

1. Don’t let a child eat his plate empty

A child must stop eating when it is full. And not if he ate everything. Having a child eat while he is not hungry does not teach them to listen to what their body indicates. Adults generally eat everything on their plates, children around 60%. That is normal.

2. Make sports fun and tasty

It is good if a child moves at least one hour a day. Playing football or taking a walk with the family. Makes them like it. When you afterwards ask them how they feel, the endorphins will ensure that the answer is positive. In this way they will associate physical activity with that nice feeling, which stimulates them for next time.

3. Do not eat in front of the TV

If a child watches television while eating, he eats without attention. Because of this, they ignore the feeling that they are full. They are then also exposed to any advertisements that promote sweets or junk food to children.

4. Limit screen time

Children increasingly spend time behind screens, both television and tablets. This makes them lazy and less creative. A study of children between 8 and 18 years of age showed that children who spend a lot of time on screens get worse grades and are less satisfied with themselves.

5. Provide healthy snacks

If a child already needs a snack, give something healthy, an apple or banana. A snack is not the same as candy.

6. Don’t reward children with candy

Rewarding good performance with sweets not only increases calories, it also reinforces the preference for sweets. In this way they associate a good figure with a candy, which leads to the wrong motivation.

7. Don’t ban too much

Do not expect a child to eat just a few fries or a small piece of cake. Together find a good balance in what can and cannot be done. An example of this is not to eat a sweet dessert every day, but simply to enjoy yogurt. Look for a path that works for both parents and children.

8. Be the good example

When you drink soda yourself at dinner, you cannot expect your child to drink milk or water. You must be a good example for your children yourself. This also applies to sports and putting away your mobile. This way you show children that the rules are not there to bully them, but that the rules are there because it is really better for everyone.

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