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Healthy banana bread

I always like to make healthy snacks. Healthy banana bread is the perfect treat. Why bake it unhealthy if it can also be healthy and tasty? If you pack the banana bread airtight or put it in aluminum foil, you can store it for around 5 days. You can also freeze this, so that you […]

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A hearty cake that children will love!

A hearty pie or quiche is always delicious here. In the beginning it took some getting used to, because a cake is generally sweet anyway, but now they love it. I always cut all vegetables as small as possible, because sometimes pieces of vegetables sometimes want to be fished in between. You can use different […]

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Parsnipchips from the oven

I admit, chips are eaten here at home. Especially on weekends, watch a movie with a bucket of chips. There is nothing wrong with that in its time, but it would be nice if there is sometimes some enthusiasm about a healthier snack. The boys find raw vegetables or dried fruit less tasty, which is […]

Stuffed eggs
Avocado, eggs, snack

Stuffed eggs with avocado

During the Easter days a lot of eggs are eaten, hidden and decorated. A pleasant time in which a lot is eaten and eaten. Eggs hide and seek I always find great fun and provides some extra exercise. The tension and conflict among themselves, who finds the most this year. Although they have to divide […]

nut cookies
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Nut cookies

You can of course simply give children a handful of nuts in their lunch box. But I think young children and nuts are a bit scary. That’s why I regularly make nut cookies for my children. With some walnuts and almond flour you will have a few delicious healthy cookies in no time. One of […]

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Healthy chocolate milk

What child is not fond of chocolate milk. Delicious and refreshing in the summer and nice and warm in the winter, preferably with some whipped cream on it. The chocolate milk from a pack is usually full of sugar, which does little good to health. But there is a healthy alternative that you can easily […]

Children love ice cream, but not always blueberries. Therefore a delicious fresh recipe for blueberry yogurt ice cream.
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Blueberry yogurt ice creams

Children love ice cream, but not always blueberries. Therefore a delicious fresh recipe for blueberry yogurt ice cream. We eat ice cream here not only on hot summer days, but also in the spring and autumn. Even in winter, people sometimes ask for it. Ice creams are delicious as a snack, treat or dessert on […]

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Green smoothie for children

Nutrition has a major impact on the functioning and development of the brains of children. Everyone should eat green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach every day. These vegetables contain a lot of iron, folic acid and vitamin B6. The iron content in the blood, or rather the lack of it, influences the ability to […]