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lunch ideas for beter concentration

wraps zoete aardappel
Lunch, Whole grain

Wraps met gerookte kip

Wraps are tasty, healthy, and easily cobbled together. They are nutritious and give your child the necessary energy to get through the school day. What else do you want? But even if there is less time in the evening because you have to play sport, it is ideal. Today we make Wrap with smoked chicken […]

courgette soep
Dinner, Lunch

Simple zucchini soup

If you have children who refuse to eat vegetables, or with great difficulty, soup is really a solution. Something different than the standard soup is this simple zucchini soup. Deliciously nutritious and made in 30 minutes. Zucchini has a fresh, neutral taste with firm flesh. The zucchini is a versatile vegetable that you can prepare […]

Dinner, Lunch

Tasty and simple pepper soup

I am always very happy with peppers. All those beautiful colors. They not only color your mood, but also your health. Sweet pepper is very rich in various vitamins, minerals and fiber. It contains no fat and no cholesterol, which makes it a nice healthy snack in between, but also very suitable for a delicious […]

Dinner, Lunch

Surprisingly tasty cabbage soup

A supply of soup is indispensable in a family with young children. Perfect for freezing and enjoying afterwards. It is therefore an ideal way for children to eat vegetables, even those they might not like. By hiding these in the soup, they can get used to the taste better and more easily. Today a surprisingly […]

rode bieten soep
beetred, Dinner, Lunch

Delicious child-friendly beet soup

Soup is a great way to let children know some extra vegetables in an easy way. In the past we mainly ate tomato soup, we always know for sure. But nowadays many more soups are a hit. This is also the case with this delicious beetroot soup. Great for the variation, especially now that it […]

beetred, Dinner, Lunch

Beetroot soup with apple

It is autumn again, ideal weather for a delicious pan of steaming homemade soup. I love homemade soup, it has it all, it is healthy, nutritious, easy and super tasty! This beetroot soup with fresh apples is prepared in 20 minutes. Soup has a nice additional advantage. If your children do not drink that much […]

Broccoli, Lunch, snack

A hearty cake that children will love!

A hearty pie or quiche is always delicious here. In the beginning it took some getting used to, because a cake is generally sweet anyway, but now they love it. I always cut all vegetables as small as possible, because sometimes pieces of vegetables sometimes want to be fished in between. You can use different […]

Dinner, Lunch

De beste en gezondste tomatensoep!

Bijna niets is zo makkelijk als tomatensoep maken. En kinderen zijn er dol op. Of bijna alle kinderen dan. Wanneer je kinderen meer soep (lees groente)  wil laten eten is tomatensoep een goed begin! Tomaten soep is zo snel en makkelijk gemaakt, dat het eeuwig zonde is wanneer je dit uit blik of zak eet. […]

spinazie soep
Dinner, Lunch, Spinach

Spinach soup

After the holiday, we introduced soup day at home on Sunday. During the weekend there is often a bit more tossing than during the week, a healthy vitamin-rich meal to end the weekend with is not wrong. Soup is always an easy way for your child to eat lots of vegetables. We started with spinach […]