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Whole grain for concentration

wraps zoete aardappel
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Wraps met gerookte kip

Wraps are tasty, healthy, and easily cobbled together. They are nutritious and give your child the necessary energy to get through the school day. What else do you want? But even if there is less time in the evening because you have to play sport, it is ideal. Today we make Wrap with smoked chicken […]

whole grain
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Whole grain

Whole grain cereal products are made from the whole (milled) grain. It concerns products made from wheat, oats, barley and rye. Consider wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta, brown rice, bulgur and wholemeal couscous. Whole grains are healthy and consist of three parts: The fleece, or bran, this is the hard outer shell of the grain. This […]

Redbeet pancake
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Red beet pancake

It may not be the first combination you’re thinking of. Beetroot and pancakes, but it’s a good combination. The sweetness of the beets combines very well with the pancake, so you don’t need much sweetener to make a delicious pancake. The red beet pancake is delicious for breakfast, but you can also add it to […]