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Spinach for your brain

spinazie soep
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Spinach soup

After the holiday, we introduced soup day at home on Sunday. During the weekend there is often a bit more tossing than during the week, a healthy vitamin-rich meal to end the weekend with is not wrong. Soup is always an easy way for your child to eat lots of vegetables. We started with spinach […]

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Oven dish with spinach and chicken

I love casseroles myself. You can make all different types and they are well prepared in advance. Very handy if you have a night have less time to cook. This oven dish with spinach and chicken is regularly on the table here and that is no coincidence. It contains a lot of important vitamins and […]

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Salmon spinach pie

Add a delicious, healthy nutritious cake! You can put this salmon spinach pie on the table in no time. Great for lunch or dinner. It has no hard crust, which makes it much less powerful. Savory tarts are very nice for children, because, let’s say, how festive is that. You can individually make small cakes […]

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A good intake of vitamins and minerals contributes to better learning performance of children. Vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals. That is why it is important to encourage a child to eat enough vegetables every day. Because of the great benefits of spinach, it is advisable to eat spinach regularly. Spinach can be eaten raw […]

Spaghetti with salmon
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Spaghetti with spinach avocado sauce

A quick pasta with a healthy green sauce. This Spaghetti with spinach avocado sauce we eat regularly here at home. It is quick and easy to make and is packed with good vitamins and minerals. And another good thing is, there are no little pieces of vegetables in it that the children can go fishing […]

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Spinach pancakes

A little strange but tasty” are spinach pancakes. They are green and may therefore look a little less attractive. But they are full of good nutrients, extra fiber, vitamins and minerals. Spinach pancakes are perfect for a savory breakfast or lunch. What do you need for spinach pancakes? Of course you need a frying pan, […]

Spaghetti with salmon
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Spaghetti with salmon

At home fish is not at the top of the children’s wish list if they are allowed to choose what to eat. I have therefore already tried different fish dishes and the fish pasta is the best. They are great because they are not too “fishy”. Of course we also try to add some extra […]