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wrap met zalm
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Wrap with avocado and salmon

Sometimes I try something new from home, even though I was skeptical as to whether one of the kids will like it. Salmon and avocado wraps were such an attempt. But wonder of miracle I lost half my wrap. With this warm weather it is wonderful to make something nice and fresh for lunch. I […]

Brainfood, salmon


I think fish is the best known brain food. And that is not not without reason. In fish are several key nutrients that many people are deficient in. Oily fish such as salmon scores well here. Salmon is very versatile. You can bake, poach, grill, deep-fry it or make it into a tasty oven dish.  […]

Spaghetti with salmon
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Spaghetti with salmon

At home fish is not at the top of the children’s wish list if they are allowed to choose what to eat. I have therefore already tried different fish dishes and the fish pasta is the best. They are great because they are not too “fishy”. Of course we also try to add some extra […]