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Recipice with Parsnips

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Parsnip puree

Parsnip, a forgotten vegetable or rather an “I-don’t-know-how-I-have-to-prepare” vegetable? Parsnip is super healthy and you can do a lot with it. Today we make a nutritious parsnip puree. Easy to make and fun as a side dish during Christmas. Parsnip is related to the carrot, but has a delicious sweet, anise-like flavor. It is often […]

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Parsnipchips from the oven

I admit, chips are eaten here at home. Especially on weekends, watch a movie with a bucket of chips. There is nothing wrong with that in its time, but it would be nice if there is sometimes some enthusiasm about a healthier snack. The boys find raw vegetables or dried fruit less tasty, which is […]

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Parsnip for your brain

Parsnip is a bit of a ‘forgotten vegetable’. The parsnip is also called “white root”. Since it looks a bit like a white-colored carrot. He is also family of the well-known winter carrot. This vegetable has a delicious, sweet, anise-like flavor. Parsnip can be used in many ways. So you can eat it raw, but […]