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Eggs for good concentration

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Broccoli chicken casserole

I love casseroles myself, besides that it is very tasty and nutritious, it’s really¬† ideal to prepare earlier. Very handy if you get out of work late and want to put a healthy meal on the table quickly. My children love broccoli, so we offten eat this broccoli casserole with chicken. During the day I […]

Stuffed eggs
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Stuffed eggs with avocado

During the Easter days a lot of eggs are eaten, hidden and decorated. A pleasant time in which a lot is eaten and eaten. Eggs hide and seek I always find great fun and provides some extra exercise. The tension and conflict among themselves, who finds the most this year. Although they have to divide […]

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Do you know what eggs do to your brain

Butter, cheese & eggs are often seen inseparably from each other. Partly due to this game possible. Yet they do not belong to the same product group. Eggs do not belong to the dairy product group because it does not consist of (raw) milk. Both dairy products and eggs contain many proteins, which often causes […]

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Start the day with great egg muffins

Do you want to give your child something nice and healthy in their lunch box. How about egg muffins. Super easy and quick to make. You can hide different vegetables in it so that they also get some healthy vitamins at lunchtime. An additional advantage is that you can also use your vegetable scraps well. […]