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Delicious child-friendly beet soup

Soup is a great way to let children know some extra vegetables in an easy way. In the past we mainly ate tomato soup, we always know for sure. But nowadays many more soups are a hit. This is also the case with this delicious beetroot soup. Great for the variation, especially now that it […]

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Beetroot soup with apple

It is autumn again, ideal weather for a delicious pan of steaming homemade soup. I love homemade soup, it has it all, it is healthy, nutritious, easy and super tasty! This beetroot soup with fresh apples is prepared in 20 minutes. Soup has a nice additional advantage. If your children do not drink that much […]

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Delicious and simple beetroot risotto

It’s been a while since we have eaten beetroots and that while they are so healthy. That is why today I make a wonderfully colorful beetroot risotto. A nutritious and healthy single-pan dish. I really like one-pan dishes because they have the big advantage that everything can be put in a pan and that you […]

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Beetroot is healthy and has a fresh, sweet taste. It is a round tuber vegetable that is closely related to the sugar beet and the Swiss chard. The beetroot has the sweetness of the sugar beet, but much less strong. The leaves are edible, just like that of the Swiss chard. The beetroot comes in […]