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avocado ultimate brain food

wrap met zalm
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Wrap with avocado and salmon

Sometimes I try something new from home, even though I was skeptical as to whether one of the kids will like it. Salmon and avocado wraps were such an attempt. But wonder of miracle I lost half my wrap. With this warm weather it is wonderful to make something nice and fresh for lunch. I […]

Spaghetti with salmon
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Spaghetti with spinach avocado sauce

A quick pasta with a healthy green sauce. This Spaghetti with spinach avocado sauce we eat regularly here at home. It is quick and easy to make and is packed with good vitamins and minerals. And another good thing is, there are no little pieces of vegetables in it that the children can go fishing […]

Stuffed eggs
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Stuffed eggs with avocado

During the Easter days a lot of eggs are eaten, hidden and decorated. A pleasant time in which a lot is eaten and eaten. Eggs hide and seek I always find great fun and provides some extra exercise. The tension and conflict among themselves, who finds the most this year. Although they have to divide […]


Avocado for better concentration

Avocados belong to the berry family and are therefore a type of fruit. They are counted among the berries because they contain all the botanical properties of the berries. They have a fleshy pulp and a seed in the middle. Eating enough fruit is important. But sometimes difficult for children. By incorporating avocado in a […]