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Eating healthy makes children happier

Much attention is paid to what a healthy lifestyle does to the physical health of children, such as good growth, stronger bones and even a lower risk of chronic diseases in adulthood. But what about their mental health? A European study finds that what children eat can have a major impact on how they feel […]

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10 tips to get children to eat healthily

Children are growing rapidly, so it is important that they eat healthy and receive enough nutrients every day. Let them therefore become acquainted with healthy and varied food. 1. Talk about healthy food together You can talk about healthy food at a young age. For example, you can tell small children about the effects of […]

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Healthy food for children, what is that really?

Of course you all want your child to eat healthily and to get enough food and drink. But what is actually healthy and how much basic food does a child need? Healthy and varied food means that you mainly choose foods from the Schijf van Vijf. If you choose enough from each subject every day, […]

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8 tips to teach children to live healthy

As a parent you are the most important coaches for children to teach them a healthy lifestyle. Teaching children a healthy lifestyle is not always without a struggle. 8 tips to teach children to eat healthily and stay active. 1. Don’t let a child eat his plate empty A child must stop eating when it […]

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The right food for peace of mind

The chemistry in our brains determine how we feel and deal with different situations. Messenger substances called neurotransmitters play an important role in this. Neurotransmitters are the signal substances that transfer nerve impulses between nerve cells (neurons) and / or gland cells and muscle cells. When these fabrics are well balanced, you have a good […]


Tips to seduce children into eating more fish

Fish is very nutritious, therefore it is recommended to eat fish at least once a week. Fish is a rich source of protein. On average, a portion of fish contains around 19.5 g of protein per 100 g, depending on the fish species. Protein plays an important role in the growth, maintenance and repair of […]


Kidsproof recipes

Every child is different and that also applies to their eating habits. So there are no real kidsproof recipes. But there are some much heard comments or challenges when it comes to children and healthy eating. For example, many a child is a hero in finding a piece of vegetables in the pasta sauce in […]


8 Ultimate tips to get children to eat

Not everyone is blessed with children who eat everything and want to try new things. Yet we all want our children to eat healthy and varied food. In addition, we also want it to be pleasant during dinner and there is no fight at the table. If your child does not like a lot of […]

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12 Tips to stimulate your brain

We all want to keep our brains and those of our children in optimum condition. We do this by consciously dealing with nutrition. Eat healthily and ensure adequate exercise. Our brains benefit from challenges, so that new neuro networks can be developed. It is important to maintain these networks, otherwise the connections will become less […]


Brainfood, food for your brain

How do you ensure that your children’s brain can function optimally? That they can really concentrate optimally when needed. Keeping your brain healthy is a matter of a healthy lifestyle. This applies to both young and old. Your lifestyle is a combination of dietary habits and sufficient exercise. The body of children is in full […]