Beetroot is healthy and has a fresh, sweet taste. It is a round tuber vegetable that is closely related to the sugar beet and the Swiss chard. The beetroot has the sweetness of the sugar beet, but much less strong. The leaves are edible, just like that of the Swiss chard.
The beetroot comes in two varieties: a summer beet or a beetroot and a winter beet. Summer beets are smaller than winter beets. They are often sold in bushes, that is how they get the name beetroot. Winter beets are more robust. They are always sold without leaves. In terms of taste, both beets cannot or hardly be distinguished from each other.
With canned beets or pots it is often not stated whether they are summer or winter beets, but that does not really matter. Red beets are very versatile. You can cook them, but certainly also eat them raw. Tasty in a risotto, stew or quiche. But also delicious in a salad or smoothie.

Nutrients in red beets

Red beets are low in calories but rich in vitamins and trace elements. They contain a lot of folic acid, manganese, potassium, copper, iron, fibers and magnesium. The most interesting are the active plant substances. The red colorants betanine and betalaine are very powerful antioxidants. Beets are among the richest sources of nitrate.

Why are red beets good for your brain?

The nitrates in red beets ensure that your body pumps more blood and oxygen to your brain. Your body converts nitrate into nitrite and this substance makes your blood vessels a little wider. Because your blood vessels dilate, more blood flows to your brain and muscles. This promotes all kinds of achievements and lowers your blood pressure.

What are red beets good for?

Beets help to fight inflammation. Chronic inflammation is associated with diseases and conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular disease. You often do not notice chronic inflammation. After all, you don’t feel them. However, you can get tired of this or feel uncomfortable. Sometimes you get sick regularly, snotty, irritable or you have trouble concentrating properly. Red beetroot contains a lot of fiber. Fiber is good for your digestion. Fiber nourishes the good bacteria in your intestines and they add extra mass to your stools. This allows you to go to the toilet better.

Tasty recipes with beets for children

Not all children like raw beets in a salad or as carpaccio, try a beetroot pancake or paratha

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