banana pancakes

Banana pancakes

A delicious and easy to make recipe. It can hardly go wrong. You only need two ingredients for these banana pancakes. Which you often have at home. But you can also expand it with cinnamon, forest fruits or honey. The two ingredients you need are: bananas and eggs. And of course a little coconut oil to bake in. You can also use a ripe, slightly brown banana, throwing away is a waste. forest fruits.

For four banana pancakes you need the following quantities
– 1 ripe banana
– 2 eggs
– for garnish: some cinnamon, banana or forest fruit.

Method of preparation:

The preparation of banana pancakes is very simple. Finely pack a banana in a bowl. The most convenient is to use a bit of a ripe banana, so that it is easier to prick. If it is a bit difficult to pack, you can already add an egg or use the hand blender. Then add the eggs and mix everything well together. For frying it is best to use a frying pan with good nonstick. Heat the oil and add a little batter to the pan. Then bake the pancakes alternately brown.

Ready!! Just a little cinnamon and you put a delicious healthy breakfast for your child to start the day with.

Why are these banana pancakes healthy?

These banana pancakes are healthy because they only contain a banana and eggs.

A banana gives your child new energy quickly. Banana contains vitamin B6, which helps improve a child’s cognitive function. It also seems that banana makes you happy.

Eggs contain proteins such as choline. Choline is important for the development of our brains.

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