About me

I am Niekie and my motto is: easy, nutritious and especially tasty food.

With this platform I want to share knowledge and information about nutrition that is good for children’s development. And of course also has a positive contribution to the well-being of adults.

From the moment we are born we learn new skills. From the first smile to the first steps we take. As we get older we have to learn a lot of new things at school. But even when we are adults we must be able to concentrate on our work.

Our brain needs nutrients and energy for all these functions. Brainfood food that will make your brain happy! Brainfood to improve your ability to concentrate! A great deal of research has been done into the relationship between nutrition and our brain. What is the best fuel for our brain so that you can handle it well. Which diet ensures a stable blood sugar level!

On this platform I give you information about al this. I choose fresh and pure ingredients with as few additives as possible in the recipes. No complicated recipes or ingredients. Most products can also be found in the supermarket.

I hope I can inspire you with this blog. Will you let me know if you have made one of my recipes with the # brainfood4u? I think that’s super cool!

With love