8 Ultimate tips to get children to eat

Not everyone is blessed with children who eat everything and want to try new things. Yet we all want our children to eat healthy and varied food. In addition, we also want it to be pleasant during dinner and there is no fight at the table.
If your child does not like a lot of food, this really does not mean that it will always remain so. Only after tasting an average of ten times do children recognize and appreciate a new taste. A matter of continuing to offer and be patient. That is why we give you 8 ultimate tips to get your children to eat.

1. Eating together

It is not always easy if the children also have a busy sports schedule. But try to eat with the children as much as possible. At the table, without distraction from for example the television or the telephone. Even if they only eat a small plate. Seeing food makes food.

2. Present the food nicely

The food should not only be tasty, the presentation is also very important. Dress the food nicely if it doesn’t want to. A nice spoon, a nice plate or food in a nice shape. For example, make a face of the food

3. Taste everything

Let children taste everything. In this way they taste the food they do not like every time. Learning new flavors takes time. By practicing a lot, a child will automatically learn a new taste. Therefore, continue to offer food that a child initially does not like.
That sounds easier than it sometimes is. So negotiate, indicate that they do not have to eat everything, but that we must taste a little bit of everything. Even if it’s just one bite. It will help to get children to eat like this.

4. Let the child help in the kitchen

Let children help with the shopping or cooking. In this way you inspire children for the food. Children almost always like to help with cooking. They learn a lot and if you have made it together, they will also taste it faster. Depending on the age of a child you can have them do small things. This way you can already let small children peel an egg or mix something.

5. Keep it cozy at the table

Does a child not want to eat something and does he clearly notice this? Eat yourself further and keep the atmosphere relaxed. If you do not pay attention to the behavior of a child, he may suddenly grab his plate again to eat a few bites. And if not? Then offer a snack every now and then. And praise your child if he takes that bite. In this way you make eating together a cozy, social moment again.

6. No snacks after 4 p.m.

Make sure you don’t give snacks to a child just before eating. You can also leave calorie-rich snacks such as certain soft drinks or milk drinks better. This way a child has enough appetite for a healthy diet. Should a child really want to eat something, the house will otherwise become too small. Then offer something healthy, such as cucumber or tomato.

7. Dessert

Opinions are often divided on desserts. You should simply give this and not use it as punishment or reward. But when a child knows that he will get a nice dessert, he will be less inclined to eat his food. Yogurt as a dessert is a good alternative. This is healthy and nutritious. You can occasionally surprise children with a special dessert.

8. Compliment

When children have done their bent, even though they have not eaten what you had hoped for, she gives a compliment. Let them know that you like that they have tasted something like a draft. This positive approach makes it fun and motivates the eating behavior of a child.

The most important thing is that you do not put pressure on it with children. They feel this flawlessly and that often makes it more difficult. Try to let it go. I have noticed over the years that when I apply the above tips, the food became cozier and in the end people ate better!

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