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Parsnip puree

Parsnip, a forgotten vegetable or rather an “I-don’t-know-how-I-have-to-prepare” vegetable? Parsnip is super healthy and you can do a lot with it. Today we make a nutritious parsnip puree. Easy to make and fun as a side dish during Christmas. Parsnip is related to the carrot, but has a delicious sweet, anise-like flavor. It is often […]

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How much exercise do children need?

Do you ever wonder if your child is exercising enough? Exercise is very important and healthy and therefore a must for growing children. By encouraging your child to get enough exercise every day, you help him to be healthy. You also establish healthy habits for the future of your child. But how much exercise do […]

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What is healthier? A sweet or normal potato

Sweet or regular potato are both root vegetables, but they differ in appearance and taste. They come from separate plant families, both offer different nutrients and affect your blood sugar differently. What are the differences between these two potatoes? The sweet potato, also known as “sweet potato”, is not related to the normal potato. The […]


Child-friendly pea soup

With this cold weather I can really enjoy delicious old-fashioned pea soup. Making your own pea soup is not complicated, you just have to take your time. The split peas need some time to cook. Soup made from peas has a long history. The soup is already known from ancient Greek civilizations from around 500 […]

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Eating healthy makes children happier

Much attention is paid to what a healthy lifestyle does to the physical health of children, such as good growth, stronger bones and even a lower risk of chronic diseases in adulthood. But what about their mental health? A European study finds that what children eat can have a major impact on how they feel […]

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10 tips to get children to eat healthily

Children are growing rapidly, so it is important that they eat healthy and receive enough nutrients every day. Let them therefore become acquainted with healthy and varied food. 1. Talk about healthy food together You can talk about healthy food at a young age. For example, you can tell small children about the effects of […]

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Healthy food for children, what is that really?

Of course you all want your child to eat healthily and to get enough food and drink. But what is actually healthy and how much basic food does a child need? Healthy and varied food means that you mainly choose foods from the Schijf van Vijf. If you choose enough from each subject every day, […]

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8 tips to teach children to live healthy

As a parent you are the most important coaches for children to teach them a healthy lifestyle. Teaching children a healthy lifestyle is not always without a struggle. 8 tips to teach children to eat healthily and stay active. 1. Don’t let a child eat his plate empty A child must stop eating when it […]

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Beetroot soup with apple

It is autumn again, ideal weather for a delicious pan of steaming homemade soup. I love homemade soup, it has it all, it is healthy, nutritious, easy and super tasty! This beetroot soup with fresh apples is prepared in 20 minutes. Soup has a nice additional advantage. If your children do not drink that much […]