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Raisins a healthy snack

Everyone knows them from the past, the small boxes with raisins. The delicious sweet ‘candies’ and a healthy snack. The raisin gets its name from the word raisin in French which means grape. In France they call raisins, dry grapes, ‘raisin sec’. So a raisin is just a dried grape. Drying is done to keep […]

breakfast, yogurt

Yogurt with apple and raisins

Good breakfast is important for everyone, but certainly for school-aged children. After a good breakfast, children can better concentrate at school. Breakfast stimulates digestion and gives your child important nutrients. So it is important for growing children to eat before going to school. Not every child is equally fond of morning bread. Yogurt with apple […]

wraps zoete aardappel
Lunch, Whole grain

Wraps met gerookte kip

Wraps are tasty, healthy, and easily cobbled together. They are nutritious and give your child the necessary energy to get through the school day. What else do you want? But even if there is less time in the evening because you have to play sport, it is ideal. Today we make Wrap with smoked chicken […]

courgette soep
Dinner, Lunch

Simple zucchini soup

If you have children who refuse to eat vegetables, or with great difficulty, soup is really a solution. Something different than the standard soup is this simple zucchini soup. Deliciously nutritious and made in 30 minutes. Zucchini has a fresh, neutral taste with firm flesh. The zucchini is a versatile vegetable that you can prepare […]

Banana, breakfast, snack

Healthy banana bread

I always like to make healthy snacks. Healthy banana bread is the perfect treat. Why bake it unhealthy if it can also be healthy and tasty? If you pack the banana bread airtight or put it in aluminum foil, you can store it for around 5 days. You can also freeze this, so that you […]

Dinner, Lunch

Tasty and simple pepper soup

I am always very happy with peppers. All those beautiful colors. They not only color your mood, but also your health. Sweet pepper is very rich in various vitamins, minerals and fiber. It contains no fat and no cholesterol, which makes it a nice healthy snack in between, but also very suitable for a delicious […]

Dinner, Lunch

Surprisingly tasty cabbage soup

A supply of soup is indispensable in a family with young children. Perfect for freezing and enjoying afterwards. It is therefore an ideal way for children to eat vegetables, even those they might not like. By hiding these in the soup, they can get used to the taste better and more easily. Today a surprisingly […]

rode bieten soep
beetred, Dinner, Lunch

Delicious child-friendly beet soup

Soup is a great way to let children know some extra vegetables in an easy way. In the past we mainly ate tomato soup, we always know for sure. But nowadays many more soups are a hit. This is also the case with this delicious beetroot soup. Great for the variation, especially now that it […]

Dinner, Parsnips

Parsnip puree

Parsnip, a forgotten vegetable or rather an “I-don’t-know-how-I-have-to-prepare” vegetable? Parsnip is super healthy and you can do a lot with it. Today we make a nutritious parsnip puree. Easy to make and fun as a side dish during Christmas. Parsnip is related to the carrot, but has a delicious sweet, anise-like flavor. It is often […]

bewegen kinderen

How much exercise do children need?

Do you ever wonder if your child is exercising enough? Exercise is very important and healthy and therefore a must for growing children. By encouraging your child to get enough exercise every day, you help him to be healthy. You also establish healthy habits for the future of your child. But how much exercise do […]